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I'm trying to add units to my account, but the Daikin Residential Controller app can't find any. Now what?

Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same network the unit is connected to. Also, it is recommended to limit the network equipment between mobile device and unit, as this can disrupt the discovery.

The app uses mDNS (Bonjour/ZeroConf) to discover the unit. In rare cases, Android mobile devices cannot successfully find units. Make sure Android devices have the latest OS updates installed, then reboot them, and check again.

If this solution doesn’t solve the problem, you can try adding units by entering the network gateway's IP address into the app manually. However, only try this when automatic discovery does not work.

In the app, do the following:

1) Navigate to ”Add device”

2) Select the overflow menu in the top right corner

3) Enter the network gateway's IP address (e.g. can be found in the DHCP list of your router)

4) Confirm

If you entered the correct IP address, then the app should be able to find your units now.

f the address that you entered does not yield any results, you get the following screen.

If all else fails, make sure that your router and mobile device support the use of WebSocket.

You can check this by browsing to:

If the test fails, check with your mobile device/router manufacturer how WebSocket can be supported.

When WebSocket is supported, try rebooting the unit’s network gateway, the router, and the mobile device, and try again.

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