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At Daikin we adopt the principle of “People-Centered Management”, where our employees are in the heart of the organization and their contribution and growth are a key for our success in business.

We are proud of having our own language and our “Daikin Philosophy” which guides our day-to-day activities and interaction. We promote for a working environment that encourages all our people to be free, bold and proud. Our “Fast & Flat” Management System makes it easy for us to exercise such freedom and empowerment and helps us become resilient enough to cope with changes and with the different challenges we might face.

The development of our employees is one of our top priorities, as one of our beliefs in Daikin is that the cumulative growth of all our employees will eventually result in the growth of our business.

With a very diverse team and a very strong and premium brand, coupled with the passion to be the leader of the industry, we drive our business in the Middle East & Africa with our enterprising spirit and we give our people very good reasons to strive for excellence and keep progressing.

Daikin staff work as one family and we believe in our heritage and in our Daikin philosophy that makes us stand out. This family approach is so important for us, as each member of the family is expected to take care of the rest of the members. We in Daikin experience a very strong commitment and loyalty to our big family which gives us our own unique feature either in our industry or in the market as a whole.

In Daikin, we believe that all our employees have potential and we are working with everyone to realize such potential. With development opportunities through stretched targets, cross-functional projects or classroom development programs, we challenge our people to get the best out of them as we believe each and every single employee is unique in his or her own way and all of us can definitely add something new to the table.

The excitement of being a member of Daikin family is an unmatched feeling, so if you are really looking for an opportunity to learn, grow, and add value, Daikin would be a great opportunity for you!

Sherif Elogeiry - HR Director; Daikin Middle East & Africa

“In Daikin, we believe that every person is unique and that everyone has potential. Our target is to hire the right people in the right place, then work with them on developing their skills and growing them. Daikin MEA takes pride in developing people and in striving to reach excellence.”

Chutima Franko – Assistant Manager; Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development

“In Compensation and Benefits, not do we only focus on the tangible aspect of it but we put more emphasis on the holistic approach towards employee satisfaction. Employee welfare is at the core of our every processes and that is where we are capitalizing on.”

Sheila Matibag - Team Leader Compensation & Benefits MEA

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