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Which AC Brand Is Perfect for You? This Can Help!

Calling Egyptian summer hot is merely an understatement. The place is hot throughout the year and experiences dry as well as humid months. So, all in all, the desert climate calls for an Air Conditioner. It is not a luxury here but a necessity to survive the sweltering summer. And, it is not surprising that there are more than a thousand AC models available in the market. 

With so many options, the trouble to search for the best Air Conditioner that fits perfectly in your budget can be unsettling. However, we are here to eliminate your confusion and guide you in finding the right Air Conditioner that suits all your needs. 

We have devised a step-wise guide that will help you in picking the best AC brand in Egypt just In the next five minutes.

Ready to discover? Let’s begin!


While buying an Air Conditioner, you must consider the size of your apartment or room where you are going to place it. Buying an air conditioner that does not cover the entire range is practically useless and similarly, opting for the much bigger sized Air conditioner will cost you extra bucks. So, it is important to go for a size that matches your needs. You can simply browse Daikin’s website to find the perfect AC for your home.

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Budget is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing an Air Conditioner. The higher the ratings, the costlier will be your AC. At Daikin Egypt, many highly efficient and budget-friendly models are available that will make your summer better.

Energy efficiency:

The hardest part of using an Air Conditioner is the monthly electricity bill that comes along with it. Therefore, you have to buy a model that uses minimal energy and saves your money. And talking of cost-effective and energy-saving Air Conditioners, you can simply choose from thousands of Daikin’s Inverter Air Conditioners and enjoy the summer without burning a hole in your pocket.

Split or Multi-split AC?

This is the most debatable topic when buying an Air Conditioner. Both of these types are good in their ways. Split AC’s are quieter, provide better air distribution, and aesthetically better. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the number of outdoor units, use smarter technology with better energy efficiency, then Multi-Split systems or VRV systems can be your choice! How about you call the experts at Daikin for all your Air Conditioner needs?


The market is saturated with different brands of Air Conditioners. Finding the ideal AC that fits all your criteria can be tough. But one Japanese brand that has been acing the market since 1924 is Daikin. We have models that fit every need, efficient, smart, and can meet all your Air Conditioner applications, So, you can trust Daikin and bring home a breeze of happiness & best comfort. 

Some other reasons to choose Daikin over other brands are:

1. Efficiency & powerful cooling: Daikin systems are equipped with the latest technological specs to give customers the best & most powerful cooling comfort. Inverter systems with the green refrigerant R-32 and Swing Compressor will achieve optimum energy efficiency and help to reduce power consumption by up to 50%.

2. Air Quality: When buying an AC, air quality is something that you can never ignore. It is really important to check the quality of air that your AC is deploying. Daikin’s Air Conditioners are known for providing superior and fine quality air. The air filters not only condition but clean the air. So, you can breathe in a fresh and dust-free environment. 

3. Installation: The installation process of every Air Conditioner depends upon its size and type. It is important to choose installing using quality materials (wires, pipes,ducting, etc.). It is better to get your AC installed by experts from Daikin.

4. Maintenance & Cleaning: Maintenance and cleaning are a big part of owning an AirConditioner. It is imperative to get your AC cleaned every 3 months for maximum efficiency. Daikin has excellent customer service and you can rely on them for regular AC Check-ups.

5. Multipurpose Air Conditioners: Daikin Air Conditioners are versatile. They are meant for cooling as well as heating. Therefore, you can use these conditioners throughout the year. These Air Conditioners are perfect for humid weather and can provide maximum cooling and comfort in every type of weather. So, if you are looking for an all-rounder, Daikin is your best bet!

6. Controls: Daikin AC’s are known for their smart and stylish thermostats. It helps in maintaining a favorable temperature. Also, Daikin offers smart Air Conditioners with motion Detection sensors and online controllers.

Hopefully, you will make use of the above-mentioned tips while buying an Air Conditioner. You can also contact our experts for more information.

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