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Shîrudo technology

Compliance taken care of for you

Which standards regulate F-gas safety?

2 standards are applied to cover the safety regulations of refrigerants:

  • EN378:2016 the generic standard on refrigerants covering the toxicity of the refrigerant (class A or B)
  • IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6) the specific heat pump product standard covering the flammability of the refrigerant (1, 2L, 2, 3)

IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6) is a specific product standard and prevails over any generic product standard, like EN378:2016 is.

Considering also that limitations for flammability for A2L refrigerants are stricter than the ones for toxicity, the application area of VRV 5 is covered by IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6)!


How to get the most of an R-32 VRV under IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6​)?

The product standard IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6) specifies the minimum room surface that needs to be respected in function of the total refrigerant quantity of the system and which measures can be implemented to relax limitations on minimum room surface

The true flexibility of a system is highly depending on keeping the considerations needed to select, install and maintain a system to the minmium.

How Shîrudo technology works

Shîrudo technology includes 2 factory measures and sensors built into a VRV 5 system, third party CB certified by a Notified Body (SGS CEBEC)

This gives you the flexibility to take care of any room down to 10m², without the need for time consuming selections and additional measures to be taken in the field.


For selections below 10m², contact your local sales representative
Integrated sensor illustration
  • Integrated in every indoor unit
  • Self-monitoring, detects even the smallest refrigerant leak 
  • Automatically activates refrigerant response measures: an alarm and shut off valves
Integrated alarm illustration
  • Local visual and audible alarm integrated in Madoka wired remote control
  • An additional supervisor alarm can be integrated via:
    • A field setting on the Madoka controller ​
    • An input signal that triggers a 3rd party alarm
      • Via the outdoor unit PCB​
      • Via the optional indoor unit relay PCB​
      • Via the intelligent Touch Manager​
Integrated shut-off valves illustration
  • Refrigerant is automatically recovered to the outdoor unit
  • After recovery shut off valves close and the refrigerant is safely contained

Find out how flexible VRV 5 is

The minimum room surface needed for a typical R-32 VRV system with 6.5kgs of refrigerant is 39m². With Shîrudo technology, VRV 5 indoor units can be installed in rooms the size of 10m².

Find out how flexible VRV 5 is for your project by using the sliders below

Find out more about VRV 5

  • VRV 5 S-series

    Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading efficiencies

Find out the details about the different F-gas safety standards below

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