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Signs that tell You when to repair your AC & ask for maintenance

Why is it that things break down at the most inconvenient times? For instance, AC will suddenly stop working in the middle of a hot summer night. Instead of finding a solution at the eleventh hour isn’t it better to keep things in a good state from the beginning? Moreover, it is far costlier to repair AC than to opt for regular AC servicing. So, without further ado let’s move to signs that indicate if your air conditioning repair time is near. 


1. Here comes the warm air!


One of the most evident signs of repair is when your AC does not do its job i.e., it gives out warm air. It could be the compressor that needs some fixing, refrigerant recharge, or it may be dust in the vents and filters. So, as soon as you spot warm air even when the AC is turned on, know that it's time to call Daikin experts for AC servicing.

2. AC has moisture leaks.

If you find your AC leaking or moisture around it, then there might be some issue. It can just be as minimal as a blockage in the drain tube.

Although it is not a critical emergency, it can give rise to mold formation around the air conditioner. So, in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home, do get it fixed.


3. High electricity bills.

Have you got a fat electricity bill lately? If yes, then we recommend you get your AC serviced by Daikin experts. A high electricity bill means your AC is not working to its full efficiency, requiring some upgrades or replacement. So it is better to call Daikin for an air conditioner maintenance check.

4. Humid Indoors

Summers are known for high humidity. But if your indoors are humid despite AC running 24/7 then there may be a problem. Air conditioners help in moderating the humidity levels, so if you feel the moisture level is not within a comfortable range, then call for ac servicing immediately. Your AC’s demulsifier may need some repairing. Contact Daikin Experts to know more!

5. Noise everywhere!

Some Air conditioners produce noise while cooling. But if you hear weird sounds similar to a motor, or squeaky noise, grating sounds then there's some problem with your Air Conditioner. The moment your AC starts making unusual sounds, know that it's time to call Daikin Experts. They will assess your Air Conditioner and provide the best solution for your issue.

6. Your room has mixed temperatures.

Have you ever walked into your room and some portions are cool enough while others are still warm? This uneven temperature distribution can be due to the insulation issues or the fan of your Air Conditioner. Don’t ignore this sign and call up air conditioner servicing as soon as possible.

7. Poor Airflow

Are you experiencing insufficient Airflow in your home lately? Poor airflow indicates the Air Conditioner is not working properly or there might be a blockage in the ductwork. It is one of the common issues occurring in the Air Conditioner and it is advisable to get it checked sooner than later.

8. Unusual Odors

If you smell bad odor as soon as you enter your room, then go and check your Air Conditioner. The bad odor must be coming from AC and it may get worse if left unattended. But don’t worry, things can be fixed beforehand if you call Daikin Experts for a diagnostic visit. Sometimes, it's the microbial growth-producing pungent smell and a simple cleaning task would work wonders for your Air Conditioner.


9. Frequent Cycles

Does your AC switch on and off too often? It is normal for an Air conditioner to experience cooling cycles but if the frequency is too high, then you must act on it. Contact Daikin Team for AC repair.

10. It’s frozen.

A frozen air conditioner is a sign that your system requires a repair. It can be caused due to refrigerant leaks and needs to be fixed immediately before the issue becomes graver.

If your AC has been experiencing any of these problems then contact us. It’s said "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine." So, instead of waiting for an issue to arise get your AC checked today! 

Daikin Service and aftermarket support or any of our authorized installers and dealers are always ready to serve you!.

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