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Daikin Training Centre

With a commitment to minimising the impact of its climate control solutions and becoming CO2 neutral by 2050, Daikin sought a future-proof low energy HVAC solution for its new Training Centre located in Ghent.




Occupying 175 m2, the facility needed a technologically advanced solution that would complement the aesthetics of the layout, while working with smaller room sizes. The requirement was for an integrated solution offering total climate control for maximum year-round visitor comfort, while respecting the restrictions of a busy urban location in terms of access for installation, noise levels and external appearance.

The VRV 5 S-Series, Daikin’s latest addition to its family of mini-VRV systems, was chosen for its outstanding energy efficiency and lower GWP refrigerant together with the power of its VRV technology, presented in a compact and versatile package.


“The latest VRV 5 S-Series unit offers the convenience of familiarity in terms of connectivity and installation with the R-410A series, but its new design features have made it an even quicker and easier option for installers."


Discreet solution

Increasingly there is a demand for the concealment of outdoor units from a planning and visual perspective. The low profile of the VRV 5 S-Series and its compact size of unit, enables ‘invisible’ placement behind a parapet or as in the case of the Daikin Training Centre, on a balcony.

Near silent operation, thanks to its asymmetric fan design and low sound modes, ensures minimum disturbance for the Training Centre’s visitors and neighbouring offices.


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Shîrudo technology

One of the key requirements for Training Centre was the flexibility to incorporate the needs of a range of rooms used for different purposes and various room sizes. Unique to Daikin, the advanced Shîrudo technology developed for the VRV 5 S-Series enabled a small meeting room to be included in the installation without the need for additional equipment or on-site customisation, while complying with the heat-pump specific safety requirements of IEC60335-2-40 :Ed.6.

In order to comply, the VRV 5 S-series has all refrigerant response measures factory-integrated and accommodates rooms down to 10m² without the need for any design considerations at any stage of the selection.

Other systems which do not include this technology can only be specified safely in rooms with a minimum room space of 28.6 m2 or more. Find out more at


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Easy installation and servicing

Designed with installers in mind, the lightweight and compact VRV 5 S-Series was easy to transport to site and position without the need for lifting with a tower or mobile crane, resulting in cost savings on the project. Two ergonomic handles assisted with the unit lifting and precise placement. With its low height and single fan design, the VRV 5 S-Series offers maximum flexibility.

The reduced diameter of the pipes compared to R-410A models further simplified installation, being more flexible and easier to manipulate. Setup was quick and easy, helped by the unit’s easy to read seven segment display. Part of the appeal of the VRV 5 S-Series outdoor unit for the installers was also the rotating access panel, which gives full access to all components and service ports for future servicing and maintenance.


Future proof technology

The Daikin VRV5 S-Series offers superior performance with a low environmental impact. Part of Daikin’s Bluevolution range, the system works on R32 refrigerant which has a GWP of less than a third of its predecessors and requires a smaller refrigerant charge. The VRV 5 S-Series not only meets but exceeds by far the updated European Ecodesign requirements which have come into force this year.

Combinable with a range of ceiling cassettes, concealed ceiling and wall-mounted units, this solution has met all the criteria required by the new Training Centre for a space-saving unobtrusive solution offering energy efficiency and reliable comfort.

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