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Office refurbishment

A semi-detached house was transformed into offices spaces. A tight refurbishment where VRV 5 provided the solution.


A refurbishment project undertaken by the owner of a semi-detached villa in Madrid has seen the residential property converted for new use as offices.
The project posed some challenges for the refurbishment team, which influenced the final choice of climate control system, not least a limitation on space. Similarly, with a range of different size offices, flexibility in system design and configuration was key in adapting the space to meet individual tenant needs.
With a tight build, maximum concealment was sought to create a clean, open feel within the building interior.



Daikin’s VRV 5 S-Series provided the ideal solution, simplifying and fast tracking the conversion process and transforming the property perfectly for its new role with maximum sustainability credentials enhancing its green profile.


“With a refurbishment project like this, flexibility is key to making the change in use from residential to commercial work. The advanced technology offered by the Daikin VRV 5 S-Series offered the required versatility to accommodate all functional needs and at the same time deliver high energy performance in a very sustainable solution.”


Maximum flexibility out of the box

The latest addition to Daikin’s mini VRV portfolio, Daikin’s VRV-5 S-Series all-new design features a host of innovative features that offered the owner the required flexibility for the new offices.

Key to the Madrid refurbishment project was the compact size of the outdoor unit and its low height, with the potential to connect to a range of carefully concealed indoor units to create an ‘invisible’ solution inside and out.

A VRV 5 S-series unit on the rooftop in Madrid

The single phase compact outdoor unit was installed on the roof to minimise visibility, with the small footprint of the
VRV 5 S-Series enabling easy positioning below the sightline of adjacent buildings to circumvent issues with neighbouring properties and satisfy local planning restrictions.

New low sound modes and an innovative asymmetric fan design has cut noise emissions down to a minimum 39db(A) sound pressure level, giving whisper quiet operation in the offices, while avoiding disturbance to residential neighbours.

Slim indoor units concealed behind discreet grilles and in false ceilings provide a flush finish which effectively delivers heating and cooling as required throughout the building. The result is a comfortable working environment, where the system blends in seamlessly with the building aesthetics.

Unique to Daikin, the built-in Shîrudo technology has enabled the installers to accommodate a range of room sizes and works well in smaller spaces with a surface area as low as 10 m2. This is made possible by factory integrated measures that enable compliance with the latest heat pump specific standard IEC60335-2-40: Ed.6. Other R-32 VRF systems without this technology can only be used in rooms with a surface area of 28.6 m2 or more.


Daikin Intelligent touch manager

Convenience and comfort

Daikin’s VRV 5 S-Series shares innovative VRV technology common to the Daikin VRV family, such as the variant refrigerant temperature technology which prevents draughts, delivering optimal year-round comfort.

The new offices will benefit from smart controls with central control through Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Manager, which can be operated quickly and easily via a PC or touch screen.

The elegant wired Madoka controller enables adjustment to comfort settings room by room to suit individual preferences.

Designed with installers in mind

The new VRV 5 system has been specially designed for fast installation and configuration. Ergonomic handles together with its compact size and lightweight casing make transportation and on-site positioning easy, while a seven-segment digital display and refrigerant cooled PCB with integrated heat/cool selector simplifies configuration.

The new system incorporates the lower GWP R-32 refrigerant, which has a GWP of one third of its predecessors and requires a smaller refrigerant charge, making the system easier to handle. Additionally, a range of new technologies developed for the VRV 5 S-Series - including a unique 3-row heat exchanger - contribute to high seasonal efficiency over the system’s entire lifecycle and reduce the need for annual leak checks.

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